Yasss Bish

Soulja Boy Tell 'em
Soulja Boy on tha beat

Yasss Bitch Yasss [x12]

Me I'm just me
Me I'm just real
Me I'm that bitch that be footin' the bill
Only a real nigga could cop a feel
Credit card blacker than that nigga, Cee'l
25 million to broker the deal
Jewish my lawyer he kosher the deal
And I am still poppin' them pills
I don't give a fuck how you bitches feel
Jealousy jealousy that's how you feel
I am still livin' in Beverly Hills
Tell 'em to chill, Tell 'em to chill
Tell all them people my wrist is on chill
Bi-bitches can't beat me they ain't got the skill
Eye of the tiger they ain't got a kill
Look up to Jada I love her and Will
Bitches my sons but they not in my will
Fu-fuck be wrong with these bitches?
The fuck be wrong with these niggaz?


Tell 'em give a bad bitch a proper due
What they say ain't never what they gon' do
It say 250 on that fuckin' sticker
Pink Print Hot
It should be in some slippers
Niggaz know me

I don't fuck with you niggaz
I own the clippers
I own some homes
I own my own liquor
Bitches is bitter my titties is bigger
You bitches my sons I need a babysitter
I am the dream
On the dream team
I am Olajuwon I am Hakeem
Dul Jabbar, I am Kareem
I am the queen because I'm a machine
You not ready
You not seasoned
Go against me I say: "Fix it Jesus."
Thinkin' they hot
Talk shit a lot
But when they shit drop I say:
"Fix it Jesus!"
Yo shit ain't cold
Word to my bank roll
Real niggaz ain't sold

Droppin' my single in two weeks
The Pink Print album a movie
Bi-bitches be thinkin' hot
But these bitches be usin' that term so loosely



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