That Girl

A friend gave me your number
To tell you watch your loverís tracks
See I always kind of liked you
So, I wanna have your back
There is a good chance by the time you hear this
The storyís gonna say
That I came on to him
But it was never quite that way

I knew he was good looking
Maybe too good to be true
But when he kissed me in that alley
I could tell there was a you

I donít want to be that girl
With your guy
To fool you
Make you cry
Wreck it all
For one night
To be with him when he should be with you
I donít want all the dirty looks
The headlines
So, I called you
To explain why
I wound up
With your guy
When I donít wanna be that girl

I know boys can be promiscuous
Yeah, thatís just what they do
But this involves the both of us
Yeah, itís our business too
So, I thought Iíd call to tell you
It was never in my plan
Iím not the scarlet Devil
I donít want to take your man

Imagine how surprised I was
When he got up to leave
It wasnít my name on his lips
No, he didnít call for me
He didnít say, Jolene


We all know how the moral of the story goes
Be careful what you reap because you reap what you sow
Iím calling ícause I really thought you should know
Even though heís being that guy


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