JUICY J (f/ Big Sean & Young Jeezy) LYRICS

Show Out

[Chorus: Young Jeezy]
Everytime I go out, you know I gotta show out
Everytime I go out, you know I bring the dough out
Everytime they go out, you know they bring they ho out
Everytime I go out, you know I bring that flow out
Everytime I go out, you know I gotta show out [x4]

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Trippy niggaz and a few hoes
One night, two shows
That's two mansions and a team expansion
Thumbin' through a check, got me sweatin and pantin'
When you getting money chicks start coming around
Niggaz start hatin' who's holdin' you down
All this ice I'm just livin the life
Bad bitches want me, give me head like lice
Hit club LIV in a rush
Pockets so swole I think they finna bust
Ace in my hand and a 45 tuck
Money coming down codeine pourin up
Smokin on some dope, always on a float
20 years in niggaz callin me the G.O.A.T
Money adding up you haters going broke
Still in the game while you niggaz ridin old
See me showin out they muggin I dont give a fuck
How I start my morning off a zip and a double cup
Hating ass niggaz, y'all behind me
Ball so hard they want to fine me
Juicy J, Taylor Gang
I been rich since the 90's


[Verse 2: Big Sean]
All these ratchets hoes say I ain't shit
Well, at least I ain't broke ho
Stackin paper like old folks
And you still stayin with your old folks
She a fan, that's fantastic, poppin zany's, that's zantastic
Gettin rich, band-tastic, white girls like Anne Hatha-
Way going, way out, they wait for my bandwagon
She let me bang and I ain't got a bandana
Ooh (Freaky) that's just how I move
Fast girls, fast money, no more fast food
Came up first class, my passport gettin tattooed (boi)
Young ass playa doing everything that I have to
So everytime I go out...


[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]
I got some bad bitches with me
Say they like Rihanna love Whitney
She say how many bottles do you want, I told her 50
She say anything, yeah bitch a kidney
Everytime I go out, you know I bring that dough out
Finesse is on a milli, it lookin like a blowout
100 bitches with me, look like I left the ho house
100 racks with me, look like I left the blow house
Now we poppin bottles, they came with the sparkles
Got my niggaz with me, they came with them yoppers
Got a few ratchets, even a couple models
20 car caravan, I bet they gon follow, ugh


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