Proving Grounds

Take your opinions and stick em right up in your motherfucking ass

Set the stage
We're in a world where opinions mean nothing
You've gotta prove your worth

Let me hear you say HEY
Fuck everything they SAY
We'll live another DAY
And if they doubt you tell them to suck it or hold it down on the proving grounds

I've always done what I wanted,
I never had a reason I just set out with my middle fingers up fuck everything and anyone who tried to stop me
There's one thing you should know to never give a fuck when people try to stop you, you should prove them wrong

Let me see what you're made of, you little piece of shit
bring it on let me see it
we have to prove them wrong

You gotta problem with me keeping it real, well here we GO
Fuck your shit
Always gotta have opinions you can suck my dick
Always gotta have the last word such a little shit
Always gotta try to hide it but I fucked your bitch
Doesn't matter what the press say I won't quit
Doesn't matter what the Feds say, smoke my shit
When I'm rolling past the 5-0 I stay lit
If you feel like your a victim rape this pit

Take a hit of this shit
Let the moment set in always open your ears and listen
Everybody can SUCK MY FUCK
doesn't matter what you think I'm here to prove you wrong hit the back button repeat this song

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