Wrong In The Right Way

[Hook - Chris Brown:]
Itís Ďbout to go down
Baby, you gonna get your wish tonight
Lay it down, right here
Scream my name, baby I love you
Wherever you are, Iíll be right by your side tonight
If you wearing panties taking 'em of, yeah
Imma do it wrong in the right way.

[Chris Brown:]
(Okay, haha, look)
Now, Imma do you wrong in the right way
Fucking with the lights on, know you had a long day
Hold your nigga down, girl I fuck with you the long way
Pull up to your college, then I fuck you in the hard way
Real nigga, all day
You know I donít fuck with fakes.
Said she on her period, she told me just to fuck her face
Real bitch, trill bitch, someone I can deal with
[?] try to run up my crib, she hit the kill switch
She would never let me down, only want to lift me up
When I got like 90 counting, she was there to pick me up
Mind her business, know whatís up
Purple sprite, she pour it up
Even bought a pound for a nigga, Ďbout to roll it up
If the lights off in the club, niggas still know itís up
Gave my bitch my Lamborghini, nigga get your motor up
When I get that ass in my bed, Imma [?]
[?] leg stroking, got the whole bed soaking


You got that work, that pussy pur
That Lambo [?], she got it for sure
My Chaufer know whatís up, itís yours
I mean hers, she can conquer
Baddest thing on this Earth
Let me take my time, Imma lick you first
Imma make it hurt, put it in the dirt
Thatís some crazy ass shit for ya
And you know I got this hit for you, put this dick on ya
Enjoy ya and I spoil ya
Back and forth, in and out no backing off
My shit donít [?], My lover lover real donít dissolve
Bitches ainít loyal, one love
But they hot and cold,
I slurp this deuce on the , baby like this dick cold
T-Raw got that flame doe
She want burgers in Burdeos, I give her that Ďcus sheís mine doe
In this game you gotta [?]
Iím young, the king so you know how it is doe


[Chris Brown:]
(Look, haha, alright)
Let me kiss that body, when I get excited
When you scream my name, when you the notes
You gon' sound melodic
Baby girl just ride it
Show me something they canít see
Fuck me like you angry, playing all that Casey and (JoJo)
Them slow jams, we hold hands
You do that there like a stripper, on my dick she pole dance
(Oh no)
Itís going down, going down babe
Put it in reverse, flip it around babe
Yeah, Ďcause we one on one
Busting 'round, acting round like a gun
Doing all that freaky shit to me
I love the way you put it down babe
Iíd like it, when Iím in and out and you making them sounds babe
And I want some more, itís about to go down.



[ ]